Access Commercial Finance

Access Commercial Finance is a B2B funder that takes a creative approach to business finance. They help a range of businesses in a variety of sectors obtain funding through both debt finance and investment solutions.

Typically providing funding solutions catering for requirements in the £25k – £100k range, Access Commercial Finance’s average sales cycle is normally between 5 – 30 days. The commercial finance sector is competitive and there are many “Alternative Funding” providers fighting for the same customer base.

Access Commercial Finance appointed Digital Media Stream in 2016 to help tackle their marketing challenges and meet their primary business objectives of growing the sales pipeline & customer base over the coming months and years.


Access Commercial Finance faced the following challenges:

  • The website was active but not attracting enough visitors or converting leads.
  • The site did not rank for relevant short or long tail keywords, resulting in poor organic visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • High Google Adwords spend and low conversion performance.


  • To create an online demand generation channel that would generate qualified prospects to support the sales team.
  • Provide an inbound lead generation channel in addition to the outbound and partnership/ broker channels that were already in place.
  • To generate 50+ sales qualified leads (SQLs) per months from digital channels

The Solution

Digital Media Stream conducted a complete ‘Discovery & Design’ process to develop an integrated Inbound Marketing Strategy deployed on the Hubspot Professional Marketing & CRM Platform. Within the Strategy, we included:

We created a content strategy that helped attract relevant users to the website at each stage of the buyer journey (awareness, consideration & decision stage). This included:

  • Developing a Buyer Persona, uncovering current and prospective customers motivations
  • Creating a content schedule that targeted highly-relevant keywords and topic clusters
  • Improving blog layouts to help improve usability and increase conversions
  • Producing high-value content offers such as eBooks, datasheets and interactive content (financial calculators)

We helped bolster visibility within the search engine result pages, supplementing the organic campaign to increase high-quality sales qualified leads through the google display network. This included:

  • Improving efficiency of Ad Spend
  • Streamlining campaign structure for better PPC campaign management
  • Optimising keyword research to focus on a narrower persona
  • Improving quality scores to lower average CPC
  • Adopting best bid strategy for available budget
  • Setting up conversion tracking for campaign measurement
  • Improving landing pages to help increase quality scores and conversions
  • Enhancing negative keyword identification to reduce Ad spend wastage

Implementing a range of on-page and off-page SEO techniques, we improved Access Commercial Finance’s ranking for vital keyword terms, and, in turn, increased their online visibility. This included:

  • In-depth keyword research and mapping
  • Internal linking to develop a defined site hierarchy
  • Optimisation of on-page elements such as Title Tags, Header tags, Alt Tags, and Meta Descriptions
  • Image optimisation to increase page speed performance
  • Link building strategies to help amplify content and improve domain authority

Conversion rate optimisation allowed us to lower customer acquisition costs by gaining more value from the visitors and users acquired. This activity included:

  • Creating new Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout the website to ensure users are funnelled to relevant content and/or landing pages
  • Enhancing service page layout to ensure relevant content was above the fold
  • Creating bespoke workflows in HubSpot to ensure that the users are being engaged with relevant content at every stage of the buyer journey

We created a social media strategy that focused on amplifying existing content to engage users at each stage of the buyer journey. This included:

  • Setting up conversion tracking to accurately measure Ad performance and spend
  • Targeting new groups that fit the target persona with awareness and decision stage financial Ads
  • Adding a Facebook Pixel to the Access Commercial Finance website and retargeting users by nurturing through the conversion process
  • Targeting a range of highly relevant hashtags to help increase content reach and engagement

We organised and carried out outbound training to ensure the sales team had all the information and content they needed to successfully engage potential customers throughout all stages of the buyer journey. This included:

  • Hubspot CRM setup
  • Sales process, pipeline management and KPI reporting
  • Monthly reporting and Sales Operations support


  • Keyword Performance: Increases in organic rankings for core financial product keywords
  • Visitor Performance: Progressive increase in website visits from paid and organic traffic
  • Blogging Performance: Progressive increase in visitors viewing blog content
  • Contacts Performance:
    • Progressive increase in website conversions from paid and organic traffic
    • Rapid growth of leads from zero to a consistent 150 a month
    • Accurate measurement of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads spend.
  • Landing Page Performance: Increased conversion performance of landing pages

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