Pushfor is a high-growth SAAS startup headquartered in London. Founded in 2014 by Founders John Safa and Scott Smull, they have rapidly scaled the company and established a highly effective solution in both the for use within the consumer and business markets.

PushFor have experienced fantastic growth since 2014. A secure content sharing platform that converts and projects content in high fidelity to any device…a patented smart approach to delivering content of any type or size.

Pushfor provides secure content sharing solution runs on mobile, tablet and desktop devices and benefits from being content and storage agnostic. It differs from any other content sharing platform on the market because of its patented ‘push’ technology – a unique way to ensure your content never leaves its source location.


The technical roadmap was clear from very early on – the development of a secure communication platform that could be used to tackle the challenges of security of personal and business data.

  • With so many potential uses case and target markets, Pushfor had to establish overcome a number of challenges including:
  • Identifying the key sectors
  • Pinpointing the highest-value use cases
  • Acquiring early users

With huge potential and a large number of uses cases, Pushfor had to identify the best path forward and develop an effective ‘Go-To-Market Strategy’.  This strategy had to meet the goals communicating a clear value proposition, identifying key audience segments, generating thought-leadership content and becoming Investor Ready.

The Solution

Pushfor chose Digital Media Stream as their digital marketing partner in 2015. The first stage of this partnership included digital strategy engagement to establish a marketing game plan to take the solution to market.

The strategy was focused on attracting prospective customers through content marketing in order to drive interactions that are relevant and helpful to the end user. With a focus on messaging and user adoption, the strategy included an integrated approach through channels such as blogs, search engines, and social media.  Attracting qualified prospects and builds trust was key for Pushfor.

Following the strategy and persona development, the project moved to the development of the website.  Working with the Pushfor team, Digital Media Stream developed the website ensuring it was fit for scaling the marketing efforts inline with the company’s growth ambitions.

Digital Media Stream deployed their retained marketing services to raise awareness, build connections, monitor competition and perform testing with company messaging and content delivery. This enabled Pushfor to set down benchmarks and gain further intelligence for further growth.

The launch strategy centered on Content Marketing and Social Media Activation with a movement towards a fully integrated inbound marketing model and the integration of the Hubspot Marketing Platform to support the market expansion growth plan.


PushFor have experienced fantastic growth since 2014 and have almost 30 employees located in the UK and the US. They have raised two rounds of investment totalling $2.64M. The most recent taking place in November 2016.

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