The Talent Collective

The Talent Collective is an innovative platform designed to help budding choreographers make it in the dance industry.

The Talent Collective is an innovative platform designed to help budding choreographers make it in the dance industry.

As a new company, The Talent Collective had to decide how to approach the market in the most efficient and cost-effective way. This brought Co-Founders Clare and Ian Crane to choose Digital Media Stream as their marketing growth partner to help drive the company forward.

Digital Media Stream took on an end-to-end marketing strategy including the full design and development of the dance platform whilst integrating a structured launch strategy to engage early adopters and prospective customers. 


  • User acquisition
  • Social Media Reach
  • Influencer Engagement


  • Lack brand recognition
  • Early stage platform with little benchmark data
  • New concept

The Solution

Similar to many early stage companies, it was important for The Talent Collective to have a very cost effective model to launch the platform, and to gather as much user feedback as quickly as possible. Digital Media Stream created a strategy that concentrated on the short term but also put steps in place to cater for the medium and long-term development of the business. 

The ‘discovery and design’ phase looked at a number of areas which assessed the marketplace to understand what options choreographers had to choose from. It was clear that there was a wide variety of options when it comes to learning how to become a choreographer as there are a large number of dance camps (particularly in the US market) and a growing number of video tutorial resources through the the likes of of YouTube.   

There was not a ‘like-for-like’ platform that competed with The Talent Collective, so it really had a unique selling point in that it not only provided choreography lessons but also provided guidance and advice to succeed in the industry with the opportunity to be introduced to leading professional choreographers. The Talent Collective had the support of Brian Friedman which was a fantastic asset. Brian lead the tuition, the assessment and advice for the students enrolled in the platform.

Digital Media Stream design and developed an effective, easy-to-use platform, which included a a content management system and a membership management portal that integrated with various payment options, social platforms and back-office marketing tools.

The development of the platform had two main focuses. Firstly, the front end of the website had to be conversion centred and, set up in a way that it could attract and convert targeted website visitors into potential leads and customers.

Secondly, once a visitor became a customer the platform had to provide an easy-to-use interface alongside with a functional course program that could be easily followed whilst enabling users to have effective communication and feedback with the course leaders including Brian Friedman.

Digital Media Stream provided a fully integrated solution of Social MediaSEOEmail Marketing, and Paid Advertising expertise to drive qualified traffic and leads to the Talent Collective Platform.

The early stages of the campaigns focused on engagement strategies to drive awareness and the capture customers primarily through social media strategies and email Marketing channels.


The Talent Collective is now firmly on the map and leading the way when it comes to providing a mentor-led approach to learning choreography online. With a growing customer based and continued marketing engagement month on month – they continue to gain traction across the major digital channels.

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